Spinach (Keerai) Masiyal

This is a very tasty and healthy dish and it is one pot recipe too. It goes well with rice or chappathi. As it is a mild hot side dish, children also can enjoy it. Ingredients Spinach ------------------------------- 1/ 2 lbSplit moong dal ------------------ 2 tbspToor dal-------------------------------- 2 tbspPotato ----------------------------------- 1 (medium size)Garlic clove ------------------------- … Continue reading Spinach (Keerai) Masiyal

Spiced Buttermilk

Most of you know how good is it to drink buttermilk and its health benefits. But have you ever tasted the spiced buttermilk? If not, try this, surely you will like it. Ingredients Yogurt ------------------------------ 1 cupWater ------------------------------- 1 cupGreen chilies ------------------- 2Ginger ------------------------------- a small pieceCurry leaves --------------------- 2 springsSalt to taste How to … Continue reading Spiced Buttermilk