2020 Garden Flowers Part 1(Video)

Everyone like flowers; I especially love taking pictures from bud to bloom. We have lots of perennial plants and they bloom at different times throughout the season. Some bloom in April and some will be blooming in September. So throughout the summer, I take lots of pictures of my garden and it gives me a … Continue reading 2020 Garden Flowers Part 1(Video)

Potato Fry

This is a crowd-pleasing potato dish. It is crispy outside and soft inside. This recipe is from my dear friend Gayathri. In our potluck get-togethers, everyone ask her to bring this potato fry. When I got the recipe from her, I tried at home and it came out very well. Now this is my favorite … Continue reading Potato Fry

Masala Dosa

Dosa is a famous south Indian dish, made from fermented batter. The main ingredients for dosa batter are boiled rice and black gram dal. People use different methods and proportions of the ingredients to make the batter, but using the method described here, I always get the thin crispy and colorful dosa. When you are … Continue reading Masala Dosa