Hair Oil

This is the best hair oil among the ones that I have used so far. If you have lots of hair falling out, you should try this! It prevents hair loss and supports hair growth. It has been giving me good results, and has made my hair stronger. I either apply it in small quantities … Continue reading Hair Oil


This is a delicous South Indian breakfast dish. It's made of fermented rice batter. It has a bowl-like shape, with a thick center and crispy edges that curl up. To make it, you need a special pan. The appam pan looks different than other pans with a unique concave shape, which creates the bowl-like end … Continue reading Appam


This is a simple and very tasty recipe of rasam. Rasam is a kind of watery soup made with tamarind juice, tomato and spices. It is easy to make, and it's usually eaten with rice. Think of it like a broth. When you pair it with rice, it's called rasam satham ("satham" means rice in … Continue reading Rasam

Hummingbirds Visiting Our Garden ( Summer 2019)

I never get bored watching this little creature. Every year, hummingbirds visit our garden from the spring through the fall. I enjoy how fast the hummingbird flies, and how fast it drinks honey from honeysuckles, zinnias and other flowers. We have a little humming bird feeder by our three season porch. I like to watch … Continue reading Hummingbirds Visiting Our Garden ( Summer 2019)