Tomato Rice

This is my go-to meal for whenever I have to pack a lunch; it takes very little time to make and pairs really well with crunchy chips, so it's a perfect lunch meal! Ingeredients Cooked rice ---------------------- 1 cupTomato ----------------------------- 2 small size( diced)Cilantro----------------------------- 2 tbsp (minced) Chili powder -------------------- 1/4 tspTurmeric powder ------------- 1/4 … Continue reading Tomato Rice

Egg Poriyal

This is a variation of typical scrambled egg, but with some added spices and coconut which makes it way tastier than normal scrambled egg! In a pinch, this dish can easily be a meal on its own, but also pairs well with oats or rice. Ingredients Egg ----------------------------- 2Onion ------------------------- 1/2 dicedGrated coconut -------- 1/4 … Continue reading Egg Poriyal

Beets poriyal

This is one of my favorite poriyals. Very easy to make in short time. I always have few beets in our fridge and it comes in handy for a last minute side dish for rice. Ingredients Beets ------------------------------- 2 medium sizeOnion ------------------------------ 1 small sizeGrated coconut -------------- 1/4 cupChili powder ------------------- 1/4 tspTurmeric powder ----------- … Continue reading Beets poriyal